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July 2012

We have enjoyed your magazine for several years now. The latest, summer/autumn 2012, is wonderful. There are two articles I feel connected to.

D Arppe, London ON

July 2012

A beautiful, informative magazine. Keep up the good work. I only regret not having discovered it sooner. Thank you.

E Helman, Nepean ON

July 2012

I enjoy the magazine, but would like to see more info and articles regarding heritage, history and nostalgia of the Muskokas and Northern Ontario.

H Hoffman, Thornhill ON

January 2012

A great read! A truly enjoyable publication! Fascinating to read about the history, nostalgia and early days in Ontario. An important contribution to Ontario's history.

P Holancin, Aurora ON

August 2011

Well written—well researched—well enjoyed!

J Hallam, Don Mills ON

August 2011

As a present-day and long-term country person whose great-great grandparents settled in Hagarty Township in the late 19th century, I thoroughly enjoy every issue. I feel very connected to the people, places and events in many of your publications.

S Hartwick (aka Hartwig), Douro ON

August 2011

Congratulations for continuing to publish articles of interest to those of us who live in a rural environment.

P Jared, Maynooth ON

August 2011

Love your magazine. Keep up the good work.

B. Verch, Eganville ON

July 2011

We look forward to receiving each copy—Excellant magazine.

R & V Taylor, Scarborough ON

July 2011

M Bergeron nee MacIntosh is now 108 years old. She was born in Madawaska in 1903. She loves this magazine and although she cannot read enjoys having the stories read to her.

Victoria BC

July 2011

I wait with aniticipation for each issue. I'm particularly partial to the area of Ontario you mostly cover, enjoy it from cover to cover!

M Burgess, Sarnia ON

March 2010

The Country Connection
is like a good friend coming into our home and is always very welcome!

H. Clark, Renfrew ON

February 2010

Just a short note to say thank you for your article on Killaloe and the honourable mention you gave to my father, Alex Getz. You are correct that my father won the competition to design a logo for the Town of Killaloe. My father would be the first to tell you or anyone that the current sign and logo are not of his design. His logo was not used anymore after the town and townships of Hagarty and Richards amalgamated.

Dad enjoyed your magazine a lot, especially the articles about the old days and local history. If Dad were still alive he would be honoured to get mention in the Killaloe article. He was proud to be from Killaloe. I also enjoy your magazine and will continue to enjoy each new issue.

Dan Getz, Golden Lake ON

February 2010

I thought I should drop you a line to say that I was impressed by this issue.

I enjoyed every article. Josh Garfinkel is right on about protecting wolves. This is the first I have heard about eating Jerusalem artichokes. The historical articles were great (always glad to see Bernie Shaw in print). Even the paper quality and printing was excellent.

Frank Pope, Nepean ON

February 2010

For sure I'm going to renew! This is the best magazine in Canada!

M. Buckholtz, Kingston ON

January 2010

Great Canadian magazine. I look forward to receiving each issue.

R. McClocklin, London ON

January 2010

Very fine magazine — good work!

G. Nuttall, Claremont ON

August 2008

A short note to tell you that your summer/autumn issue was excellent. We both feel this was the best yet. There were lots of very interesting historical articles, especially regarding the seaway. We lived near the Welland Canal and were far enough away that we didn't really realize how many people had to leave their homes and make a new life. It was actually very sad to think of their losses.

Thanks for a magazine that brings the country to so many people.

Joan and Ken Lindey, Kashwakamak Lake, ON

July 2008

The current issue of The Country Connection is indeed a good issue.

I am always glad to see an article by Bernie Shaw. Pamela Levac, in her article on lichens deservedly makes reference to a couple friends who I also respect for their excellent knowledge of nature: Rob Lee and Irwin Brodo.

Christine Hastie, in her article on the flooding of the Seaway, introduced me to Ault Park and the Lost Villages Museum. I have lived in Ottawa since 1957 and had never heard of the Lost Villages Museum. Upper Canada Village, on the other hand is well known and I have spent many days there over the years. I thought that was the museum dedicated to those people flooded by the Seaway.

She mentions the memorial to the the battle at Chryslers Farm and the moved graves, both of which are adjacent to Upper Canada Village, but I am puzzled by why she did not mention Upper Canada Village.

Glad to see you hanging in. Best of luck with the magazine.

Yours truly

Frank Pope, Nepean ON

Author's Reply:

Delighted to know that my article introduced your reader, who is familiar with the region, to Ault Park and the Lost Villages Museum. The short answer to his question is "word limit." I had to narrow the story down to what seemed to be the most intriguing elements.

Upper Canada Village is mentioned a couple of times and I included a link to its website. UCV bills itself as an attraction that recreates the 1860s. Your readers are probably familiar with it, but not everyone learns about the impact of the flooding from their visit. Although heritage structures were moved from the flood zone to become part of UCV, bringing the recent past to life is not its main mandate.

My interest was sparked by things like Google satellite images of the Long Sault area clearly showing land features under water; a series of houses and that strikingly beautiful church all in a line on only one side of the road, etc. The Lost Villages Historical Society, which operates the museum in Ault Park, promotes understanding of the displacement of communities for Seaway construction. For over 30 years, local volunteers have been collecting information, perspectives, stories, and artefacts related to the flooded area and its former residents -- plenty to satisfy anyone's curiosity! John vanBaal, the Society's Webmaster, kindly supplied answers to my questions and most images for the piece. In keeping with your editorial focus, I hoped readers would explore the Morrisburg region further to gain a new appreciation of its past.

Christine Hastie

Feb 2008

In this, my first issue, I really enjoyed the article on Roger Stevens. I look forward to more of this type of article. Also was pleasantly surprised to get a stamped envelope for payment of the invoice.

I. Perrin, Iroquois ON

Feb 2008

In our retirement years, my wife and I still subscribe to six or so Canadian magazines, but The Country Connection is the only one which is read cover to cover, every issue. We hope you will be able to continue this high-quality publishing effort for many years to come. Thanks to all your contributing helpers too.

J. Snider, Port Sydney ON

Jan 2008

I always enjoy The Country Connection, but the most recent issue is especially wonderful. I devoured every page. Thank you. It was a nice bonus to find Mary Cook whose CBC stories always go my attention. Can we have more of her in the future? I look forward to many more issues of your superb magazine.

J. Clarke, Haliburton ON

Jan 2008

Enjoy the magazine very much and have made potato and chive soup—delicious—read it from cover to cover. Thank you.

Mrs R. Waddington, Oshawa ON

Jan 2008

Thanks for a most interesting and timely publication!

D. Smyth, St. Catharines ON

Jan 2008

Quite enjoy your publication. Am primarily interested in rural history items and at that you do an excellent job. Thanks so much.

M. O'Byrne, Mount Pleasant ON

Jan 2008

We enjoy your magazine very much. Keep up the good work! Thanks for putting the spotlight on some very deserving rural areas and communities.

F. Poulton, Martintown ON

Jan 2008

This magazine is an asset to the Canadian publishing industry.

R. Kowal, Combermere ON

Jan 2008

Thanks for a great magazine. We enjoyed the article on Barron Canyon. Your magazine takes us to places we have never been, but hope to venture to in the near future. Always go directly to the recipes.

D. Robbins, Apsley ON

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