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The Country Connection Magazine Readership Demographics

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Ontario’s Magazine for History, Heritage, Nostalgia, Nature, Environment, Travel and the Arts

Journey through country villages and forgotten places from our past, dig into some great local history, participate in the expression and interpretation of the rural landscape through the artist’s eye, explore the world of nature as well as current environmental concerns—these are some of the themes that our readers have come to enjoy over the years. Also in every issue, The Country Connection explores tips on country living, nostalgic stories of long-gone days, as well as modern life in rural Ontario and beyond.

Reader Profile:
The Country Connection's readers experience a relatively comfortable lifestyle and enjoy spending time in the country, whether occassionally, seasonally or all the time. Many are active adults or seniors—including "zoomers"— who enjoy nature-friendly, outdoor and leisure activities.

Below are some of the highlights of our survey conducted in 2003. Of the 600 surveys sent to a random selection of subscribers, 289 were returned, for a success rate of 48%.

Readership Demographic:
Average Household Income:
$35,000 - $75,000
Male: 48%
Female: 52%
Age Profile: 45-54 15%; 55-64 20%; over 64 58%
Readers per copy: 2.8
Retired: 66%
Employment: 26% employed (private sector, public sector, professional), 8% self-employed
Ownership: Home 92%, Cottage 32%, Retreat Property/Homestead 20%
Primary Residence: 36% rural, 11% village, 19% town, 35% city

They Keep It:
69% of our readers keep the entire issue for future reference.
29% passed their magazine on to others.

Readership Activities:
Vacation Preferences: 34% at the cottage, 31% travelling in Ontario, 20% travelling in the rest of Canada, 20% travelling abroad, 12% camping
Time Spent in the Country: 43% all the time to most of the time, 27% a few weeks, 16% a few days
Major Activities in the next 2 years: Landscape 62%, Redecorate 39%, Renovate cottage 14%
Leisure Activities: Reading 92%, gardening 66%, relaxation 46%, arts & crafts 45%, cooking 40%, physical fitness 40%
Recreational Activities: Nature & wildlife viewing 75%, Auto touring 65%, hiking 47%, canoeing/kayaking 33%, skiing 27%, outdoor adventuring 26%, biking 23%

Number of readers through subscription: 1,893
(Based on subscription figures November 2012)
Number of readers through newsstand sales: 1,912
( Number based on actual 2011 summer newsstand sales)
Total paid readership: 3,805
(Total number does not include controlled mailing, complimentary copies, samples, digital, or library subscriptions)

For percentage of subscriptions by geographic region, go to our Circulation page.

To see what our readers are saying about The Country Connection Magazine, go to our Mailbox page.

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