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The Pinecone Forest Nature Sanctuary Canoeing

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Canoeing at
The Pinecone Forest

The Pinecone Forest Nature Sanctuary is an eco-friendly retreat where individuals, families and groups can experience nature in a majestic forest setting. Located on the York River and Conroys Marsh, the scenery and wildlife are spectacular year round. Come for a quiet paddle on the river, or join us for one of our Conroys Marsh canoe excursions where your every need is taken care of for you.

If you can't find the nature experience you're looking for below, give us a call—a package to suit your individual needs and travel plans will be designed specifically for you.

Paddlers on Pinecone Bay
Paddlers coming into the landing at The Pinecone Forest

Canoe the York River and the placid waters of Conroys Marsh from our convenient landing on Pinecone Bay. Canoeists will experience the serenity of the river and the tranquil beauty of the marsh with its many hidden lakes and waterways. The surrounding pre-cambrian mountains create the perfect back-drop for this hidden, magical treasure of the Madawaska Valley.

Trips can vary in length, depending on ability and route, but most trips typically take from 3-4 hours. Rent a canoe or paddle your own—we are here to assist you with your wildlife-viewing adventure from start to finish.

Canoe Rental: $50 for one day
$25 for each additional day.
Landing Fee when bringing your own canoe or kayak: $20.00 (per vehicle/day)
Enjoy your wetland canoe excursion even more with one of our Conroys Marsh Tours.

Additional canoes and kayaks, guiding, outfitting,
and eco-sensitive lunches can be arranged at reasonable prices. 48-hour advance notice required.


Call ahead for reservations at 613-332-3651.

As a nature sanctuary, fishing, hunting, motorboats, ATVs, snowmobiles and pets are not permitted. Although we cannot control what happens outside The Pinecone Forest, we offer peace and tranquility for our all our guests and the forest creatures within our boundaries.

691 Pinecrest Road, Boulter ON K0L 1G0, Canada • 613-332-3651

Reach us at Pinecone or write The Pinecone Forest, 691 Pinecrest Road, Boulter ON K0L 1G0, Canada • Phone: 613-332-3651
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