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The Pinecone Forest Nature Sanctuary Cross-country Ski Trails

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Cross-Country Ski Trails at
The Pinecone Forest

The Pinecone Forest Nature Sanctuary is an eco-friendly retreat where individuals, families and groups can experience nature in a majestic forest setting. Located on the York River and Conroys Marsh, the scenery and wildlife are spectacular year round.

Exerience the solitude of winter in The Pinecone Forest. Our back-country trails meandepr through various forest settings—towering stands of old-growth red and white pine, cedar grove, and glades of mixed forest. Winter is a great time to view the birds and small mammals that make their home in The Pinecone Forest. Red squirrels and chickdees entertain skiers from their perches along the trail. Pileated woodpeckers hammer for food on aging popular trees. Elusive animals including deer, wolf, fox and the occasional moose or elk, leave their tracks in the snow for study.


For a great cross-country ski experience please go to Opeongo Hills Nordic Ski Club.
Located just south of Brudenell, the club offers 19 km of professionally groomed and track-set trails.

Cross-country ski trail in The Pinecone Forest
Along the cross-country ski trail in The Pinecone Forest
There are three trails to choose from:
  • Beginner trail on nearly level terrain.
    (30 minutes)
  • Advanced trail for the seasoned skier. This trail winds its way through old-growth forest, cedar grove, and blueberry meadow. Visit the fast-flowing Lower Conroy Rapids and ski alongside the ever-changing Upper Conroy Rapids with its ice shelves and boiling water. Stop for a picnic lunch at the firepit by Boiling Rock. (1 1/2 - 3 hours with stops)
  • Looking for a bigger day of skiing? Ski the advanced trail a second time and take the various stacked loops and downhills.

The advanced trails have numerous downhill slides with easy uphills.
Ski all three routes and make a day of it, or stay in our cozy chalet for a romantic, winter ski holiday.

$5.00/person, $12.00/family.


Call ahead for reservations at 613-332-3651.

As a nature sanctuary, fishing, hunting, motorboats, ATVs, snowmobiles and pets are not permitted. Although we cannot control what happens outside The Pinecone Forest, we offer peace and tranquility for our all our guests and the forest creatures within our boundaries.

691 Pinecrest Road, Boulter ON K0L 1G0, Canada • 613-332-3651

Reach us at Pinecone or write The Pinecone Forest, 691 Pinecrest Road, Boulter ON K0L 1G0, Canada • Phone: 613-332-3651
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