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Forest Tours at
The Pinecone Forest

The Pinecone Forest Nature Sanctuary is an eco-friendly retreat where individuals, families and groups can experience nature in a majestic forest setting. Located on the York River and Conroy's Marsh, the scenery and wildlife are spectacular year round.

We offer two guided walking tours—an ecology walk which examines various natural habitats and wetlands, and a forest walk through the Pinecone Forest which specifically looks at the trees and forest dynamics.

If you can't find the nature experience you're looking for below, give us a call—a package to suit your individual needs and travel plans will be designed specifically for you.

Spruce tree with woodpecker cavities
Large holes hammered out by a pileated woodpecker in search of ants. Pileated woodpeckers require old-growth trees for their nesting cavities.

The guided ecology walks are conducted along natural woodland trails taking in various forest habitats and is ideally suited to nature enthusiasts. The focus of this tour is on plant identification, bio-diversity and the interconnected cycles of nature. Every species in the forest has a role to play, from the tiny lichens and mosses that prepare the soil, fungi that break down organic materials, the insects and birds that bore holes in tree trunks, and the larger mammals that browse on buds and twigs. Even the weather plays a dynamic role in the natural world. Winter tours will also focus on animal tracks in the snow.

$100.00/group of six or more.
(tours take about 2 hours
Old-growth white pine
The Pinecone Forest is a mixed forest with stands of old-growth trees, many over 100 years of age.

The guided forest tour is conducted along natural woodland trails and is ideally suited to both eco-tourist and small woodlot owner with an interest in forest dynamics. The focus of this tour is on forest structure and includes forest management techniques used in The Pinecone Forest—past, present and future.

This tour takes participants for a walk through an old-growth red and white pine forest, transitional mixed forest, a red-pine plantation, and a white-cedar wetland. Interpretation of the forest in transition, forest regeneration and forest rehabilitation as they apply to The Pinecone Forest are discussed.

$100.00/group of six or more.


Call ahead for reservations at 613-332-3651.

As a nature sanctuary, fishing, hunting, motorboats, ATVs, snowmobiles and pets are not permitted. Although we cannot control what happens outside The Pinecone Forest, we offer peace and tranquility for our all our guests and the forest creatures within our boundaries.

691 Pinecrest Road, Boulter ON K0L 1G0, Canada • 613-332-3651

Reach us at Pinecone or write The Pinecone Forest, 691 Pinecrest Road, Boulter ON K0L 1G0, Canada • Phone: 613-332-3651
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